Strong and Agile offer a wide range of training and coaching services to help you implement or accelerate your Agile and practices. Our approach is through hands on, bespoke offerings to suit your  needs.

Although we can offer 1-2 Day courses on introduction to Agile which cover several practices and frameworks including Scrum and Kanban, where we customise these so that you can come away with practical skills you can apply and not just the theory. Our training is constructed from real experience which we have successfully used and applied. This is tailored to maximise effectiveness. To maximise learnings and to support successful transformation and application, we encourage a training and support offering which can with and coach you through the process. Just some of the services on offer include :

Agile Training & Coaching

  • Introduction to Scrum (1 and 2 Days)
  • Introduction to Kanban (1 and 2 Days)
  • Introducing Agile to the organisation (Executive and Non-Technical training)
  • Agile Product Management
  • Bespoke training
  • Working with bottlenecks and systems thinking
  • Scaling Agile
  • Gamification to improve innovation and engagement


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Charges vary depending upon session size and on going commitment agreements. Very competitive rates!

If you would like to find out or have a friendly chat to see what we can offer,  please feel free to contact us .