Lean Startup Training & Coaching

Lean Startup has revolutionised the industry from the humble startup to the enterprise. Using our experience working with startups and enterprises, we offer training and coaching to help you invest your time to focus on users needs and outcomes rather than solutions very early on in the process. This will give you the right knowledge to validate or invalidate your ideas early with minimum costs.

Training and Coaching Services Include

  • Introduction To Lean Startup
  • Lean Analytics and Metrics
  • Inception Workshops
  • Lean Startup Based Product Management
  • Hypotheses Generation
  • Customer Development
  • Organisational And Enterprise Innovation And Strategy
  • Innovation Investment Strategy
  • Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas workshops
  • Designing Experiments
  • MVP’s
  • Bespoke training and coaching
  • Introduction to Lean Startup for Enterprises
  • Lean Enterprise And Innovation

We can support a full stack training and coaching offering through the entire product development lifecycle.

If you would like to find out or have a friendly chat to see what we can offer,  please feel free to contact us .