How to maximise workflow in an Agile environment using the Theory of Constraints

Inspired by the Book “The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, this presentation explores the effects of applying the Theory of Constraints. A simulator was used to mock a physical workflow over 500 days and the result are discussed. A thought provoking topic which explores a fundamental principle of Agile workflows as well as comparisons to manufacturing environments. [...]

The Hourglass Scrum-Ban Board

As we have progressed as a scrum team, our board has evolved in line with our continuous improvement ethos. Heavily influenced by the Theory Of Constraints, we introduced WIP limits on user stories and the board by restricting the number of lanes. We have seen team and productivity benefits when adopting some of these simple changes. [...]

Top Gear Agile Retrospective

Retrospectives can be one of the most valuable sessions in Scrum and Agile teams. Often they can become boring and less useful to the team and they can fall into an administrative process with less value. This post is about sharing a recent retrospective session that was fun, engaging and got results using a Top Gear theme to explore, identify and resolve issues to benefit the team and ultimately the business. [...]

The Herculean Donut

Guest Post from Sam Whiting, shares his experience when working at an agency using Scrum. Working at an agency it is often the case that clients have heard and are enthusiastic about Scrum/Agile, but struggle to move away from what they have been doing before. Sam devises a great game to visualise the responsibilities and roles to help get an understanding of the teams and workflow using scrum. [...]